Our team of highly professional instructors all hold Nationally Recognised Fitness Qualifications and bring with them a proven knowledge of how to get the best from you.  They will instruct, motivate and encourage you whatever your fitness level to enable you to HIT YOUR TARGET.They will always be on hand to answer any questions you may have about your health, fitness or nutrition.

Alba InstructorDirector or Operations


I served in the British Army for 22 years (Infantry).  During my last tour of duty as an Army Careers advisor I was shocked to see the lack of fitness and weight issues of civilians applying to join the Army.   To enable them to meet the criteria for their application I developed and implemented a Military Style Fitness Programme - called R U UP 4 IT.  As Operations Director for ALBA Military Fitness i now ensure that the day to day running goes smoothly by managing our instructors and providing all the planning and preperation needs for all the events that ALBA hold throughout the year.

Alba InstructorJohnny,Lead Instructor.  Howden Park, Livingston


"I am currently serving in the military as a Senior Physical Training Instructor.  I have been in the Army for over 15 years, serving all over the world.  My current role involves taking civilians many of whom have not done any physical activity for a long time and building their fitness levels for service in the TA.  I look forward to welcoming You to ALBA, be rest assured me and my very experienced and knowledgeable team will get the best from you and will motivate and encouage you to achieve your aims and hit your targets !!!

Alba InstructorIs a serving officer with Strathclyde’s finest. He is their Health and Fitness Instructor. He has won numerous medals and awards in his sport Judo at both National and International level. You will certainly feel like you have been on the beat

Alba InstructorIain served with 1st Battalion Scots Guards for 7 years and is now a firefighter with Strathclyde Fire & Rescue.


Alba Instructor OHHCurrently deployed on operations.

Alba InstructorLead Instructor, Strathclyde Park


Lorna from Wishaw, is our very own G.I. Jane. She is responsible as lead instructor, Strathclyde Park for the smooth running of the operation. She is also a fully qualified baby Yoga instructor. Make no mistake, she will put you through your paces. Looks can be deceiving.

Alba InstructorLead Instructor, CalderGlen Park.

Steve is a very keen mountaineer and can be found up some Munro most weekends. He is a fully qualified fitness Instructor who graduated through the Ranks of ALBA and spending time with the TA .Heard the expression been there, seen it ,done it.  Steve is your man

Alba InstructorI have served in the military for 15 years and seen service all across the globe.  I am currently serving as a PT instructor within the T.A. turning civilians into soldiers and ensuring that they are of peak physical condition to carry out their duties wherever that may be.  My personal sports are kick boxing and power lifting.  I was the power lift "dead lift" world champion in 2005.  i strongly believe that everyone is capable of achieving their aims.  I look forward to welcoming you to ALBA Livingston


Alba InstructorCurrently serving as the Senior Warrant Officer The Royal Army Physical Trg Corps.he is responsible for getting our TA soldiers upto and maintaing their Peak physical fitness from Recruit to Operations.  Gaz is Fully qualified Reps level 3 Instructor as well as being able to instruct a variety of other outdoor activities.  He trains the BEST and will certainly motivate and encourage you to your full potential !!!.

Alba Military Fitness Instructor JackIs currently serving with the Army Cadet Force as their Regimental Sergeant Major. Loves nothing better than to put his bergan on and march for miles. He has a wealth of experience on all our Events and certainly knows how to look after all our “Troops”

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