Q1. Do I need to be fit before I start the classes?
A1. The classes are designed for all levels of fitness. Red Troop - low intensity, ideal for people getting back into physical exercise.  Amber Troop - moderate intensity, ideal for people with an average to good level of fitness.  Green Troop - High intensity ideal for people who believe they are fit and want to push themselves to the limit !

Q2. How long does each class last for?
A2. Each class lasts for an hour and they are split into 3 key sections, warm up, main routines and a cool down with mobility training and stretching.You will find that no 2 classes will ever be the same !

Q3. Is it better then the gym?
A3. For many people yes.. you are motivated for 60 minutes, what this means is that you actually work all the time. We believe in interaction so you will not be on your own and will be involved in group sessions.

Q4. Do I need to check with a health professional before I sign up?
A4. You will be required to complete and sign the fitness/health questionnaire which you will receive when you sign up for a trial session. If in doubt, speak to one of the instructors who may recommend you speak to your GP before you attending. Women who are pregnant should not train after first trimester (12 weeks).

Q5. What should I wear?
A5. Dress as you would to go for a jog outside. We recommend that you wear a decent pair of training shoes. In winter months it would be advisable to wear a hat and possibly gloves.

Q6. How do I pay for the classes
A6. Your first class is £5 ! if you decide to join us after this (over 94% do), you will pay by monthly payments via your bank. There is no annual membership fee and you are free to cancel your membership after confirming this and giving 1 month's notification.

Q7. Do I need to book specific classes?
A7. No. Once you have signed up you will appear in the nominal role. After that, simply turn up at any of our classes.

Q8. Are there any discounts?
A8. We offer discounted rates for corporate, services, local councils, NHS, students and unemployed. Anyone who pays full rate will automatically receive discount after 3 months membership.

Q9. Interested
A9. Nothing to lose, everything to gain!!. Signup 4 your trial.