Our members come from all different walks of life – and train with us for many different reasons!

Everyone who comes along has similar goals though – lose weight, improve body shape – and have some fun whilst getting fitter!


Low IntensityLow Intensity

This troop has great fun and you will always have a good laugh!

It's about getting you started if you haven't exercised before, or not for a long time.

We introduce a more fun outlook on health and fitness and we'll give you lots of encouragement.


Moderate IntensityModerate Intensity

This troop has a great time, but they are ready for that little bit more.

The speed and effort starts to pick up a bit.

The instructor will coach you to give that little bit more because at this stage they know you can handle it.


High IntensityHigh Intensity

These classes are for people who have been promoted through the other troops.

They are also suitable for those that are already super fit and looking for a new challenge or an extra edge to their performance.

Not for the faint hearted.


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