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Cammy MacLeod - I served in the British Army for 22 years (Infantry).  During my last tour of duty as an Army Careers advisor I was shocked to see the lack of fitness and weight issues of civilians applying to join the Army.   To enable them to meet the criteria for their application I developed and implemented a Military Style Fitness Programme - called R U UP 4 IT.

This proved to be so succesful with the majority of these civilians achieving their aim and hitting their target - be it weight loss, improved all over fitness, self confidence, and motivation to name but a few - that it has now been implemented throughout Scotland.

ALBA Military Fitness classses led on from the R U Up for It programme and are based on group training, individual effort, and above all having fun whilst doing it.

Alba Military Fitness Classes

Our classes are based on constructive fitness training. Each class will always have an aim and an objective so we can monitor your progress in each area of total fitness. 

All of our classes are military orientated. We encourage a steady increase of the improvement of your fitness so you never feel pressured and we keep it fun as you get fit.

We have a team of highly qualified and extremely professional instructors who are all from military backgrounds so you can expect them to encourage a sense of urgency and be behind you every step of the way. Our instructors are experts at motivating you to reach your goals and become the very best you can be. For more information please visit our Instructor page.

Each class is split into groups from low intensity exercise through to high intensity exercise. Upon arriving at the class you will have already or will be asked to fill in a detailed Health and Fitness Questionnaire and the instructor will go through this carefully with you so that we can be sure you will always be put with a group that is suited to you.  Our groups are Red Troop (low intensity), Amber Troop (moderate intensity) and Green Troop (high intensity). 


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